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Underlying all my workshops and presentations is the fundamental belief that we humans are constructed with a direct line to that vast reservoir of healing, creativity, and wisdom – call it the universe, the un-conscious, or God. Therefore my role as workshop facilitator is simply to craft my remarks, often woven together with supportive images and music, in such a way that my audience experiences this fact in and for themselves.

Feedback from both small groups of 8-10 people, and ballrooms filled with participants is identical. Participants leave seeing more clearly who they really are, and accept that they have been given this knowledge in order to use it to benefit the greater good in some uniquely personal way.

Eileen Lawlor, LICSW, BCD

Always rated as highly engaging and inspiring, Eileen's lectures and workshops communicate her material straight to the heart and soul of all who attend. Her background in theater, television, and dance, allows her to engage audiences in an easy yet commanding fashion. Participants leave with a sense of empowerment and are motivated to change and grow.

Lecture Topics

Presentations are tailored to each group's particular learning objectives and needs.

  • Life Transitions
  • How to Let Go & Move On
  • Stress Solutions & RelaxationTraining
  • Redefining the Meaning and Purpose of the 2nd Half of Life
  • Guided Imagery For Health & Wellness
  • Mindfulness & Healthy Living
  • You Are Created To Love
  • Mapping You Ideal Future
  • Deepening Your Sacred Connection
  • Transformation Through Hypnosis & Past-Life Regression Therapy

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I attended your "Seeing is believing" class at Kripalu and wanted to let you know how incredibly helpful it was - not only mentally but also physically. I've been struggling with back pain for the past year, and that Sunday was a particularly rough day for me. Laying on the floor or sitting for a long time exacerbates because my muscles constrict. WELL - after the session I had no pain for the rest of the day. Nada. Incredible. I've done guided imagery before but never this intensely. It must've had some sort of effect on my nervous system. I bought your CD. My back issues are still there, but I will definitely continue to do this. Thanks again!

Beth O.