What is Guided Imagery? PDF Print E-mail

Guided Imagery makes use of our own innate powers of visualization and imagination. Sessions begin with relaxation suggestions, then the client ("imager") is led by the therapist ("guide") to imagine a natural scene or story that has great personal meaning and relevance for them.

Since the body does not distinguish between a scene perceived through the eyes and one that is imagined or envisioned, the whole self — body, mind, and spirit — experiences a natural holiday and effortlessly achieves greater balance, vitality and health. Guided imagery work provides a safe, economical and creative means for true self-help. Guided Imagery CDs and downloads provide the ultimate convenience.

There are so many remarkable benefits to using this simple form of therapy. Guided imagery has been proven to deepen relaxation, enhance vitality, provide pain relief, offer comfort mentally and emotionally, build confidence, change attitudes, habits or belief systems and contribute directly to the healing process.

Perhaps the most important and valuable benefit of Guided Imagery work is that you assist in your own healing and rebalancing process. All healing, it is thought, springs from within. Positive visualizations appear to gently nudge that process back into action, if or when balance (mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually) has been disturbed due to stress, illness or just plain fatigue and burnout.

Guided imagery or visualization has been described by many as the ultimate consciousness tool! But because the human imagination and its contents are such a basic part of our nature it is often overlooked as the potent inner healing and integrating resource that it is.