What is Hypnosis? PDF Print E-mail

Hypnosis is a process by which the positive resources and information that reside in a client's subconscious mind are tapped into in the service of stated therapy goals, such as: personal growth; peak performance; habit-change; and beneficial self discovery.

Clients report that the trance, or altered state of consciousness called hypnosis, feels good. While hypnotized, one's consciousness will drift from time to time (just like in pre-sleep and post-sleep) but at no time does one lose control of oneself or one's behavior. In other words, it's always voluntary! A client elects to transition into and back out of this deep relaxation state at will, for the purpose of therapeutic growth and healing.

If you're wondering if it could help you a good rule of thumb would be: if you've already tried everything you know how to try to change a habit, a thought, feelings or beliefs — and it hasn't worked out for you — then it's time to think HYPNOSIS!