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Eileen Lawlor, LICSW, BCD is a published therapist whose extensive experience and credentials in multiple forms of healing modalities has uniquely prepared her to aid those seeking improved health with these powerfully effective Guided Imagery recordings.

Two Guided Imagery journeys are presented both as a CD or as downloads. With them you will deepen sleep, enhance health and significantly reduce stress.

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Sample audio for Introduction
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Eileen's introduction, which is part of every download offered, teaches what guided imagery is and provides instruction on the practice of visualization. (4:13)

Nature Our Great Healer [order MP3 download]

Sample audio for Nature Our Great Healer
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Nature Our Great Healer is an intricate soundscape weaving together the principles of healing and wholeness found in ancient Shamanism, as well as clinical hypnosis and guided imagery practices today. This "journey" leads one to experience unity of self, and the community of oneness with the living earth. (22 minutes)

A Bedtime Story [order MP3 download]

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A Bedtime Story has been designed as a sleep induction for use at the bedside, whenever one is having difficulty falling or staying asleep. Here the natural rhythms of ocean blend with the watercolor sky at sunset, producing deep, dream-like calm and restfulness leading to sleep. (20 minutes)